frequently asked questions


Why Hire a Professional DJ?

Professional DJs use high end sound systems . So the sound can travel clearly throughout the ballroom without the need to “blast” the volume .

How does a good dj benefit my event?

A good DJ will read the crowd in front of him/ her and brng in music to match the mood.

how much do Indian wedding djs cost?

Typically a good / reputable Company will range from $700 on the low end to $2500 on the high end

why do djs cost so much ?

an Average high end sound lighting system is $15,000. If a DJ charges just 5% of that it equals $750, This does not include the cost to stay in business : advertising, rent transport .etc.

Cant anyone just play music?

Sure they can , as long as that person gets to venue 2 hour before the first guest, to sets up everything through the service door of the venue and sometimes even up the stairs. then changes in to formal attire to put on a performance while taking requests for the next 5 hours

Does experience matter ?


set up time and break down charged additionally?

Its usually included in the package price